Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's That, Amazon?

Now, before I start writing, I have to confess - I love Amazon's recommendation system. I frequently head there whenever I want to find a new book, a new album, or perhaps a new band to check out. 95% of the time when I go there, I think to myself - wow, that's pretty good - I really did enjoy that. They have done a good job harnessing the 'wisdom of crowds' in a way that produces strong output that keeps me coming back. That's why I found this one so funny:

Note the reasoning behind the recommendation of the Opera album:
Recommended because you rated Mother's Milk and more.
I clicked the "fix this button", and it showed me that I got there because I rated Mother's Milk by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blue Train by John Coltrane. I can't fix that I liked those, so I have to sit idly by and hope that saying I am not interested will result in Amazon clearing it's head of the thought that I want to listen to the great tenors of our time sing opera to slap bass played by Flea and jazz sax by Coltrane. So strange!