Friday, October 24, 2008

Sports 'News'

Yesterday on the train, I hopped on the web thru my phone to check to see who won the World Series game. The front page of the sports section had a big picture about Brett Favre's alleged tipoff to the Lions about the Packers offense. No mention of the score of game one of the World Series! How is this news, I thought? Reasons this story is stupid:

1) I could give the Lion's a genie and unlimited wishes, and they would go 2-14
2) The Lions play Green Bay twice a year, have film of every game they have played, and scout them. How could they not ALREADY know their offense
3) It's the Lions - how can anything involving the Lions be front page news

The second biggest 'story' these days? Pac-Man Jones. Seriously? This guy gets paid millions a year to do what? Play football and not get arrested. He can't do one half of that. It's pathetic, but is it news? No. It's just not. As part of Obama's plan to increase scientific knowledge in our country, I propose the development of an 'irrelevance ray', that will immediately obsolete people like him who are just such gigantic idiots that they merit no coverage. They will simply disappear and nobody will wonder what happened.