Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well I must admit that I didn't miss here very much while on my honeymoon. Of course it was nice to get back and sleep in our nice comfy bed as opposed to the hard beds of the old world. I missed my friends, and my family, obviously.

One other thing that I really missed was SPORTS. I guess I never realized how used to watching sports I was. At least the Tigers stunk so I wasn't missing the tail end of the pennant race. When I left, Michigan was looking terrible and the Redskins were looking worse. I was able to follow Michigan's awesome comeback against Wisconsin from the O'Hare wireless connection, which was awesome. Good start. Then Sunday I got to sit on my ass and watch the NFL all day. Jena was very nice to indulge me. The Redskins looked like a good football team, playing hard and well for 4 quarters, which I hadn't seen since 1999 or so. So it was a very pleasant sports re-entry. I hope it keeps up.

I wonder if there are books out there about why people care so much about sports. When you think about it, it's really an absurd concept, but when I watch sports, I get so excited, all the ups and downs, highs and lows. I used to be much worse - if Michigan lost, I would be a bad person to be around for the remainder of Saturday, and the same on Sunday with the 'Skins.

One day I thought to myself in a moment of clarity "The Redskins don't care when I have a bad day - why should I care when they do?". I have been a lot less ridiculous since then, but I still admit that it drives me nuts from time to time, and I crave sports information only slightly less than when I was 18 or so, despite all the added responsibilities that take up so much more time now. What a racket, this sports! That said, I am waiting eagerly for the 1pm kickoff against the Eagles Sunday. Damnit.


litty said...

hey dude,

i'm not sure if we've spoken about this but I'm a UM guy and a huge fan. I was critical on my blog of rodriguez (dick rod) last week and had a random commentator attack!

I was ready to blow a gasket at halftime last week and left my friends at the bar to go home and sulk but they somehow did a 360 and all of a sudden things are looking a whole lot brighter.


Kirk Gray said...

Yeah I saw that - must admit that I am in the pack that thinks RichRod will do great things at UofM. I was disappointed at the halftime score, but fully expected a crap season this year. Hell, last year's Wisconsin game was torture. Think about this: the offense is just figuring it out, 2 solid Qbs are coming in, and ONLY MIKE MASSEY will have used his eligibility. Enjoy the offense next year, and be patient this year...