Friday, October 3, 2008

Nerdy Things I've Learned Today

1) LAMP should be easier. Today, on a new server that had mysql, apache, and php already installed, I had to just through flaming hoops of package dependency hell to recompile php from source using the correct modules to allow for use of mysqli. Seems kind of wacky to me. Rebuild? To use a library? Boooooo. Anyway, thank goodness for google. Anyone who wants an incredibly concise guide to building a LAMP environment on Linux, check this one out - it helped me a lot.

2) The scp command will attempt to eat all your upload bandwidth. It is a greedy command. You can 'throttle' the bandwidth consumption using the -l flag (the number is kb/s):

scp -l 50 large-local-file root@awesome-remote-server:/great-directory

This is the best way I have found to teach scp to share.

3) You need good internet connection to work as a developer if you are serious about it. Ugh.


Johnnie Francis Xavier MacIntyre said...

I've compiled it successfully on RedHat a few times... it was a LOT of work.