Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin, or please please win Barack

I don't know how I feel about McCain - I think that like a lot of other reasonable people, I liked McCain a lot more before he sold his soul to get the neo-con nod as presidential candidate. I think we can blame Huckabee a lot for the abrupt retreat McCain has made from the reasonable politician he was a year or two ago, but that's neither here nor there. Let's talk about where we are now...

I am a very middle-of-the-road guy when it comes to politics. I would probably vote for Obama this year either way, but with definite reservations, especially related to labor, trade, and health care policies, but it would have been closer. The thing that had to have sealed the deal was this Sarah Palin nonsense. I listen to her speak, and would be afraid not just to have this woman as president, but to be a third-grade teacher to one of my friends' children. She is the worst kind of bad. Ignorant, impetuous, and insulting. Her sole purpose seems to be making wisecracks. I was shocked to see that after looking such the buffoon in multiple interviews over the past couple weeks ("He did awesome"???), she had the nerve to make fun of Biden for being old. Seriously? She is taking on the special interests! Yeah! Did you know her daughter was pregnant and that she has a kid who has Down's Syndrome? Oh, did you know her son is going to Iraq? That's good right?? Right???


None of these things qualify you for ANYTHING. I don't know much about Biden, but he probably has done a bit more than Palin, despite the fact that for the last 18 mos she has been protecting us from Russian invasion that is no doubt coming via the Bering Strait any day now. What a mess. If any of you think it's been bad watching Bush stumble through countless press conferences, just imagine what it will be like if McCain wins and then something happens to him. Get out. Register to vote. You don't have to vote FOR Obama, just vote AGAINST this idiot. Please. Do it for all of us.