Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's Awesome? Fuser.

So I was poking around in the blogosphere and I saw something about Fuser and its latest release. It's a browser app that aggregates all your mail and your myspace and/or facebook account into one webpage, with tabbed view like Yahoo mail.

I need something like this, because I use 5 different computers when you count the dual-boot laptop. All my stuff is scattered in different sent mail folders in Live Mail on Vista, Evolution on Ubuntu, and Thunderbird on my Mac at work. I would rather it be in one place, and with Fuser I get that. It's got a pretty good UI, and seems to work relatively quickly. Setting up your accounts (I have hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail, and an IMAP mail account) is quick and painless, and the initial sync really isn't too painful.

All the basic features are there, except for one thing: Search. (Edit - Emily from Fuser has enlightened me - it's tucked away in the top right, and isn't that peppy, but certainly better than nothing!)

I did have a problem using this site on Firefox 3.0.3 on Mac Leopard, but it turns out it was just something weird with the latest Java update. I found a great post, describing my symptoms, and once I followed the instructions, the site seemed to work again there.

The only thing that would be really great would be to make this site work in Fluid for the Mac, but currently the browser certification doesn't allow to load this page in Fluid. I plan to try tonight in Prism to see if that works instead.


Emily said...

Kirk, thanks for posting about Fuser! And thank you so much for finding that work around for FF 3.0.3, that's awesome. We do have search, actually - it might be a little bit hidden, but it's in the top right hand corner (there's a magnifying glass). Thanks again for the awesome post!