Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Remove/Update Firefox 'about:config' Preferences (Mac OSX)

So I recently set a preference in my Firefox configuration on 3.0. I entered a string instead of an integer. Now, one would think that you could just switch this preference to an integer, or failing that, delete it. (At least for user-defined preferences). This, my friends was not the case. In case anyone else has this problem, let me help, because all the search results I ran across were wrong, wrong, wrong.

To set a pref:

type about:config in the address bar, add one.

Now, to find it:

/Users//Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/.default

You will see a prefs.js file. This is the one. Now, make sure firefox is closed, and edit/remove the setting you used. When you restart, this setting will have taken effect. Hopefully this will help some other poor soul fight the good fight without wasting 45 minutes like I just did.
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