Friday, November 21, 2008

Information Overload, or Why Technology Doesn't Necessarily Increase Productivity

So I am sitting here trying to program. I have a lot to do. I am disrupted by:

Adium, connected to three different Instant Messaging Services
Campfire, connecting my decentralized team via chat
Thunderbird, email, duh
Colloquy, in irc chatting with ex-colleagues/good friends
Tweetdeck - following all this Twitter nonsense
Google Reader - Created as a Fluid app on my mac, to keep up on blog subscriptions

All of these wonderful things are 'technology's fault', and while so much of this stuff makes our job easier, and while they can definitely make us more productive, there is definitely a counterbalancing effect.

Also interesting is the personal tipping points that occur in the Facebookosphere, where disparate groups of friends seem to 'tip' at different times. Now for me, it's the high school alumni. Strange how it spreads so quickly. I wonder what happens when you run out of groups? It seems that life and new friendships can't possibly keep pace with Facebook. So interesting.
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