Thursday, December 18, 2008


Has anyone every gotten more press for doing less than Chancellor Rhee of the DC Schools? Don't get me wrong - I think she is doing things that are incredibly necessary for this broken school system we have here. Her argument for pay-for-performance for teachers is definitely reasonable - if you don't think you can do your job, then you probably don't deserve tenure anyway. I realize that education isn't that simple, but at some point someone has to draw a line and say "we have to start to fix this, and hope that the parents get on the bus sooner or later".

I am listening to the podcast of Rhee on Diane Rehm. I really want to hear about Rhee, but goodness would Rehm please, please, please speed it up? Anyone else hear the similarity between Rehm and this:

Just sayin...she gets good guests, but her show could be about 20 minutes shorter if she would just spit it out.
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