Thursday, December 18, 2008

Radio-Free Amtrak

Why is it that regional train service doesn't include internet service? Is there any legitimate excuse for this? In an age when there are AIRLINES (not an industry that screams 'Customer Service!') that provide wireless internet service while you fly, where you can go to McDonalds in some places and hop online, you can't take a train (a very business function), and get online.

I can take the $20 bus to New York city, and guess what? I can get wireless internet! They have plugs on the trains, so you charge your computer, but you can't get on the web. Boo.

That said, it's way better than flying. I get to the train station at 6:15 for the 6:30 train, and bam, get a coffee and get on the train. No arriving 2 hours early and going through security. Despite this, I sit here thinking about how much it sucks not to have wireless. I need to go back and re-read A Complaint Free World.
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