Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Ryan,

Attn: Ryan Grant, RB, Green Bay Packers
Re: Winning me my money

I am not sure if you read my blog, but if you do, I wanted you to know that I would love it if you would score 11 points tonight against Chicago. My pathetic fantasy hopes have come down to this. I am losing my third place game 68-58. If I would have started your peer, Mr. Portis, I would have already won my $150 back, but I didn't, so I need you to help. I will offer you my undying gratitude in return, and if you send me an address, I will send you a gift card to Olive Garden for $11. If you don't score at least 11 tonight, I will put a hex on you that the most esteemed faith healer won't be able to cure. The best course of action would be to take your first run from scrimmage the distance, thus winning for me and making it less stressful for both of us. I hope you do the right thing.
Kirk Gray
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