Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a Day.

Well today was one of those days where you just rock it out. I woke up early today and started getting ready for Part 1 of the day - Migration.


I'll probably do another post about this, but I had to migrate that PHP app I've mentioned a few times to a new server that we control. This is a good thing, and theoretically will be the end of my work with the application for all intents and purposes. It's one of those things that's been hanging over me for a while, and crap like that stresses me out. Happy it's done, and happy that it went pretty well, really, considering the hoops that required jumping through. Ahh. After that, I did some nerding out with the YouTube API as well. So cool, all the things you can do with that GData API set. Just wow. I'll probably eventually write about that too. Once I was done geeking, I moved on to Part 2 - Walking.


It isn't the walking that is so interesting. All I did was throw on the hoodie, walk over to Eastern Market to hit the bank, while listening to some awesome tunes on the Nano. This always puts me in a good mood, and since the migration had gone so well and only really took about an hour, I was on cloud nine. Getting to Eastern Market just made it better. There were wreaths, trees, and assorted holiday cheer on display. I got done at the bank, came back to the market, and went ahead and bought some delicious cinnamon sugar pecans from the Sweet Nuthouse. If you haven't ever had these (or the almonds), then you haven't lived a complete life. So delicious. I then bought a copy of Street Sense (favorite charitable organization in DC), and then donated to the Salvation Army bell ringers. Bless em for being out in the crappy cold. Then I headed back home, fighting the urge to tear into the pecans, and ready to start the third part of my day - Sports.


Today was a good sports day, albeit poorly scheduled. At 3:30, both Michigan and James Madison were on. I told Jena that I am not sure why these people don't consult me before scheduling these games. She just shook her head. Anyway, Michigan's hoopsters were taking on Duke at home in a rematch of the tournament loss from a couple weeks ago, and James Madison went up against Villanova in a football Quarterfinal. I had the basketball game on TV, and the football game on the computer (at least RCN has ESPN360, which I have to admit is pretty incredible). Michigan played an awesome game against a superior Duke squad, and pulled out another huge win over a #4 team. It was great to watch the team play as a team, and to watch John Beilein's vision coming to fruition earlier than I expected. Meanwhile, JMU jumped out to a 14-0 lead and looked like they were going to romp, but Nova came back and made it a tough game, taking the lead with 6 minutes to go. Not to be denied, the mighty Dukes marched down the field for the winning score, then sealed the deal with an interception in the final minute. Awesome. They will meet the Montana Grizzlies in the semifinals next week. GO DUKES!! With my fill of sports for the day, it was time for part four - Christmas shopping.

Christmas Shopping

I love Christmas shopping. I like to fight the crowds, wandering aimlessly from store to store. Buying things online just isn't the same. I love to go out and 'finish', only to go out again and buy more the next day. While I can appreciate the naysayers' lament of the materialist nature of Christmas, I don't care. I like to buy gifts for people. I like to wrap the gifts, and then I like to give them gifts. Especially Jena. My dad was big on Christmas as well. He used to just continue to buy gifts until the stores ran out, right up until Christmas Eve. The gifts were always exciting, but I think the excitement was more a function of just being part of something that someone was so excited about.

Now I am chilling on the couch. Relaxin. Feeling good. I have had a crappy, busy couple of weeks, but yesterday and today were good days. Some days you just have good days, and since Jena's out of town, I figured I'd tell someone about it.
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