Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, it's Monday again. As Washington mourns another dull Redskins loss, featuring lots of really bad offensive line play, we dive headlong into new week, fresh with promise.

There are a few things I'd like to get off my chest before starting the week.

First: RCN sucks. We live in a complex that has only RCN wiring run in, so we can't switch to Comcast, and our lovely condo board won't allow DirecTV. Isn't it great how the draconian fools have rendered the benefits of cable competition moot? Usually this wouldn't be a huge deal, but since our cable has been out for four days now, it's kind of annoying. As if it would be reassuring for them to say it, calling the help line tells me that, "Hey it's okay - we know that DC cable is out. We are working on it." My internet works, so it's not an issue with the wiring. What the hell could take four days. Tonight Jena wants to watch the Bills, tomorrow Syracuse is on ESPN in their season debut, and Thursday, Michigan plays UCLA - none of it is on broadcast television. I need cable this week, you a**@#%$s. The response to my email for support:

Thank you for contacting RCN. A member of our support staff will initiate contact within 48 hours.

Thank you,
Customer Support Staff
I suppose that isn't that ridiculous considering the phone wait times hover around 26 hours. Damn you, RCN. Damn you.

Second: I hope something happens quickly with the American car maker bailout. After the election ended, I was looking forward to a more balanced news array on NPR, but GM has rapidly taken the spot of Obama, and Ford has replaced McCain as the new Morning Edition Monopolizers.

I am of the opinion that something needs to happen, but it simply can't involve giving the companies some money so they can just keep on paying it to 'skilled' workers who collect exorbitant wages for doing things that peers in other industries and areas who aren't unionized do (just as wellm if not better) for much less. This is the one good chance for these companies to break down, swallow their pride, and buck the union influence that is sapping their profits, and causing their costs to be simply unsustainable. My argument to any union supporters: Would you rather have lower paying jobs or no jobs? That's what's facing you here - accept reality and think constructively.
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