Saturday, July 26, 2008

Victory? Victory? We talkin' bout Victory?

We have heard a lot this week about 'Victory'. We don't want to leave Iraq unless it's 'victorious'. What is victory? Has anyone actually enlightened us on what 'victory' is in the Iraq war? What makes it 'victorious'? What do we need to get? What's the end result?

Victory? We talkin bout Victory? Victory?

Victory is not derived from persistence alone. Think of a casino gambler, who has a lot of money, and really sucks at playing cards. Is he victorious, simply because he doesn't get up from the table, even if he continues to lose? No! Of course not, but at least he knows what victory is! It's making money. The American military is the gambler, the table is the Iraq war, but when we hit blackjack, do we get more chips? What's our reward?

I hate politics because there is so much empty rhetoric and so many buzz words. Victory. Freedom. Blah Blah Blah. I wish the media asked these tough questions. I wish they forced the candidates out of their comfort zones so we got REAL ANSWERS. Otherwise, what's the point?