Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil - Google Has Not Lost Sleep

So I hear all the buzz about this awesome search engine called Cuil (pronounced "COOL"). I go try it out. 19 minutes later I check back on the window where I searched on my name. Still hanging. I try again. It doesn't work again. The fifth time or so, it goes through, but no mention of me until something like 15 pages down. Google has this blog second. I think to myself "I don't like this search engine, that claims to have indexed more of the web than Google, but can't find anything about me!". CNET seems to agree.

I think that it's great that people are trying to compete - that's healthy. That this search engine got so much press made me think it had a shot, but it's a long way off (not because I wasn't prominently displayed in the results).

In other awesome software news, the new version of Sportsvite is closer and closer to becoming a reality!