Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Suck of Sick

I have a cold. Natural Light has joined forces with Subversion to bring me down. I am feeling better thanks to an awesome nursing job by my wife-to-be, but I still don't feel 100%.

In other news: Tigers are only 5.5 back in the Central, despite their rather so-so efforts. Verlander is once again awesome, Maggs and Migs are raking, and their other pitchers are good enough (with the exception of Robertson, who really, really sucks this year).

Book News: Reading a couple of new books in between attempting to master Italian pronunciation and common travel phrases:

Under the Banner of Heaven
, by Jon Krakauer - A not so flattering view of the fundamentalist Mormon movements out west. Extremely relevant reading considering Warren Jeffs' latest trials and tribulations. I loved Into Thin Air, and the writing style here is similar. A great (if slightly biased view) of the history of the Church of Latter Day Saints, and how it resulted in a grisly murder. So far, so good.

1421 - The Year China Discovered America, by Gavin Menzies - This one talks about the what-if that says China discovered America long before Columbus. Interesting premise - it's still early, and I am not really sure if the book is conjecture, hard fact, or somewhere in between, but I have actively decided not to figure it out until after I have read it to give myself an open mind as I digest. Seems to be a reasonably light read and very interesting thus far.