Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eclipse Ganymede Revisited

Well, I continue to greatly enjoy the new features of Eclipse 3.4, especially as I toil through a rather painful refactoring process, but I must admit, there are a few gotchas:

1) Subclipse is not good in the new version - it really seems to have devolved (new update came out today and hopefully this will change my mind.

2) The software is still kind of buggy (odd NPEs, and other weird dialogs that come up to tell me something happened). As far as I can tell they are all pretty harmless, but it's still annoying.

3) How can I setup full-text searching to ignore certain directories (I would love to have my build directory in my directory tree, but not to see the jsps and xml files that live there)? I get an error on every search about out-of-date files in build, which is going to happen since they change every time I build, which I do from a shell, and not in Eclipse.

AND, last but not least, this morning, I completely fried my instance of Eclipse. This was your basic Catch 22:

I fire up my IDE, and I am notified that there are Subclipse updates available. Because of my aforementioned lack of satisfaction with Ganymede's Subversion interface, I was excited - maybe they listened to me! I installed the updates, and restarted Eclipse. This is what greeted me:

Hmmm. That log file had a bunch of gobbledygook, and as far as I can tell there is no way to rollback. Starting Eclipse with the clean option had no effect. I have a lot of work to do, so I just figured that Eclipse instance was dead, and I would go back to Eclipse 3.3. I fire it up, and thank goodness it starts, no problem, but then I go to update my project thru Subclipse, and it tells me that I can't update because I have an out-of-date SVN client. I figured, hmm, I guess I will try to update this Eclipse subclipse plugin. So I try, and guess what! It fails with a mysterious network connection error - the same one that forced me to move up to Eclipse 3.4 in the first place. Fortunately the mirror at Virginia Tech is nearby and fast - I have reinstalled Eclipse 3.4 with the new Subclipse plugin and I am back online.

Just wanted to note that my immediate positive response to Eclipse Ganymede has been tempered somewhat by my frustrations...sigh. Still amazing free stuff!


Mark Phippard said...

Can you explain what you do not like about the Subclipse plugin? Ideally on the users@subclipse.tigris.org mailing list?

I think the 1.4.x release is light years better than any previous release. So I am very surprised to see this and do not see any details about what you do not like.

I have not been very happy with the installer changes in Ganymede. I think they show a lot of potential to be better than what we had before, but it does not feel like it was ready for release.

Ray said...

As a note here, the problem is completely with the way subclipse uses the eclipse update mechanism. If you have been using subclipse 1.2 and you use eclipse update, you will keep getting the same sorry latest 1.2.4 version. Somehow, the subclipse people decided to VERSION their versioning. This is nice if you really want to stay on the the 1.2.x branch, but I doubt you want that. subclipse 1.2/1.3 doesn't work with the newer subversion versions. You need to add the new subclipse 1.4.x update site: http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.4.x and disable the old subclipse. It really isn't obvious that updating your update site is necessary.