Monday, July 21, 2008

Kirk vs Subversion

So we are merging the branch and trunk. This is kind of a normal thing to do. Why is it so hard? Once you get done, why do the conflicted files come out in such a mess? Because subversion hates me. I have file fragments scattered all across my screen, in such a fashion that I can't tell what belongs where. If I were a merge program, I think even if I were trying to mess up, I couldn't make it look that bad. I can get past that. That's fine. How about Subclipse taking like 2 hrs to show the commit dialog? Sweeeeet. How about random errors thrown when trying to take a file out of the list:
If a folder delete and a folder property change are both committed, then all files beneath the folder property change must also be committed
I don't think that's the case here, but whatever, I can remove that too. What's that? Subclipse doesn't show you when files are in conflict with an icon? Sweet. That would be an awesome feature, but I suppose that one wasn't in the cards. Another nice feature would be for Subclipse to actually tell me what is happening instead of my Mac just showing me the little pinwheel that makes me think nothing much is happening.

This process has made us realize that we need to buy Perforce - even though it has its warts as well, this stuff is A LOT EASIER using Perforce.

In other news, I survived my bachelor party. We can't drink as much as we used to, but we gave it a pretty good run for a couple days, and we only drank Natural Light, which is the way life should be. Thanks to all my awesome friends for giving me a great few days that I'll always have to look back on and smile about.

Had a great time guys. But I was ready to get back to Jena and work. But I didn't miss you, Subversion.


edenman said...

I'm surprised there's not already a comment from the authors of subversion here.

Kirk Gray said...

give it 45-60 more seconds.