Monday, September 29, 2008

Funky Eclipse Error

Thought I'd post this since I didn't see anything on the interwebs to solve my problem:

Mac OS X - Leopard
Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede

I installed an Eclipse update today to SVNKit (not really sure of the version), and upon doing so, when restarting the app got the following error:

The eclipse executable launcher was unable to find its companion shared library

I did a bit of research and only found references to Windows issues on milestone builds of 3.3. I decided to open up the Eclipse package contents in, and checked eclipse.ini, since it's often the culprit for weird startup errors.

I had the following line:


I no longer had that folder but I did have a folder pointing to 1.1.1.....

I updated the directory to point to the directory that DID exist, and voila, it worked! Hopefully if anyone else runs into this this will help...


Christopher said...

Thank you for this, the same thing happened to me today, update for SVN kit and then eclipse wouldn't start. Thanks for posting the solution!

Julie said...

Whoohoo! This helped me too - thanks! The strange thing is that this happened to me, and I didn't even do any updates...

dalmazio said...

Thanks for this, I had the same problem today after installing a bunch of updates. This change corrected the problem and everything is working again.

Mac Duke said...

Thanks, you saved my day! The problem started this morning after an update.