Monday, September 29, 2008

So...I Am Married

Yeah, that's right...married. Pretty awesome - all those months and months of planning and errands and craft making, the trips to reception sites, to Paper Source, the printing press we were running out of our guest bedroom - it's all done! We are married. It was a wonderful day - Hannah be damned. It rained on our wedding day, which it WAS NOT supposed to do. When I say rained, that would be kind of an understatement, because it was like Noah's Ark weather. Jena wasn't pleased, and we didn't get a ton of pictures outside like we had hoped, but we did get some. The ceremony was outstanding - the church was beautiful, Father Byrne delivered an exceptional homily, and we delivered our vows to each other without too much stuttering! What a great moment - a feeling of joy, fulfillment, and relief. Jena was absolutely beautiful. I stood up there with my best friends in the world. We promised ourselves to each other for forever. I wish my father could have seen it. He would have been proud.

We took off for the reception, which ended up being great as well. The food was delicious, the space was great, and all the little touches that Jena spent so much time on really made the day all that much more special. I must admit that as a guy who doesn't appreciate arts and crafts and details, once you saw it all in motion, it was really really impressive - I hope all the people who attended the reception liked it, and had a good time. I had a lot of people taking pictures for us (for free) in addition to the photographer we hired. We have so many memories that we will be able to relive over and over again thanks to all these talented amateurs. Here's one of the best of the non-professional shots (kudos to Eric):

More to come later on the honeymoon, sports, and what I missed while I was gone (holy crap Sarah Palin!) - just wanted to recap an amazing day and thank everyone who joined us to make it so special.