Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why openSUSE is no longer installed on my Server

Pretend for a moment that your lungs could install and uninstall organs in your body. We are in agreement that you need your lungs to breathe. Do you think if you were building a body, that would you include lungs that knew how to uninstall themselves? Leaving you with no real viable method of reinstalling said lungs?

That's a decent analogy for what happened to me when trying to update software on openSUSE last night. Yast, the crappy package manager for openSUSE, had some squabble about dependencies, and apparently it decided to uninstall yast to resolve them. Hmmm, now I can not install anything without wading through dependency hell with rpm.

Goodbye, openSUSE.

Hello Ubuntu! Again!


Francis said...

Package management in openSUSE 11.0 (coming out soon) is completely unrivalled. See this post http://duncan.mac-vicar.com/blog/archives/314 for exactly how it's improved.