Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"We're sorry. The lines are full."

So I tried to get Java hosting for my little startup that I am working on. I found out that they didn't support JDK5. Wow. That was only released like 4 years ago. Anyway, they didn't remedy the problem in a timely fashion (I can install Java 5 on a server in about 10 min), so I canceled. I want to get business DSL and a static IP address at home. It's about the same price as my current account, and I can write most of it off. So, I have to call Verizon right? Except 5 times now (3 last night and 2 this morning), I have gotten this message that says they are too busy to help me. And not just to let me know that I should wait on the line. No - their automated person hangs up on me! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? I am willing to wait! I would like to wait patiently on speakerphone until someone has the time to help me. But NO. I have to keep on calling. Kudos Verizon. I am going to try RCN now to see if they have human beings who won't hang up on me. I hate the internets sometimes. Scratch that, just Verizon's control of the internets' wires near my house.