Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things I Find To Be Awesome

There are a few things out there that I use or see or read about that I just plain think are awesome. In paying homage to my newfound effort not to complain, I will present things I find to be awesome here:

1) My Macbook Pro - it's really fast, and it goes to sleep and wakes up without complaining or grouchiness. It doesn't crash (well once but I was doing something absurd), and it looks nice.

2) Yapta - anyone who travels frequently and hasn't seen this site is crazy. You can tag flights for tracking (currently a large subset of carriers are yapta-friendly), and you get emails telling you when prices go up and down on your flights. Awesome.

2a) Kayak - People probably know about this one, but it's the best travel searching tool out there. So great. Get all my flights through it now.

3) Amazon - duh, but as an avid reader, there can be no finer website. Seriously.

4) My New Job - anyone who has ever worked at a job where they felt stifled and surrounded by negativity who then goes to a place where everything is the exact opposite would have to understand. Also, see #1.

5) The Nationals new stadium - anyone who slogged through the last three years at RFK has to agree that this new stadium is awesome. I have season tickets near the top of the stands near the end in left field, and my seats are great. I ate a hot dog, and it was hot! I had a nice draft beer that I didn't have to search intently for. Huzzah!

6) Guajillo - This little restaurant between Court House and Rosslyn on Wilson Boulevard is awesome. It's some of the best authentic Mexican fare I have tasted, this side of...well...Mexico. Everyone who hasn't eaten there and is interested in DC-area Mexican food needs to go there right away.

This is merely a subset of things I find to be awesome. Others on this list are my fiancee, open source software, and baseball, but those are all sort of 'automatic' and didn't require specific mention.