Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, Rainy Monday

Mondays aren't usually the best days no matter what the weather is like, but they are especially lame when it's pouring, dark, and you forgot your rowboat.

The weekend was great. My grandparents had a great time - it's not often that you can get together with your family and help your grandparents celebrate 92nd and 90th birthdays on the same weekend. It's great to have them both still around, and I appreciate all the great times we spent together when I was younger, and the great times we continue to share. It was also great to see all my cousins/uncles/aunts, and even better to find out that they will all be making the trek to D.C. to attend our wedding. Very good news indeed!

What else is new? I slammed through Bringing Down The House on the flights this weekend. Jena had just read it and loved it so I brought it with me. In case anyone doesn't know it's the book upon which the recent film "21" is based. Pretty awesome book - just imagining someone playing 8 hands of blackjack at once with $50K on the table is cool. Vegas is fun. I am on to the Complaint-Free world book, having completed the early baseball history book on the train. So far it's pretty interesting, and the source of some pretty awesome quotes like this one:

We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.

That's a good one. I am a big proponent for not whining about things you aren't willing to change, so hopefully this will help me practice what I preach.

In other new, we booked our hotel room in Sardinia for the honeymoon - looks awesome. I doubt we'll want to leave.