Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why Grails is Sweet

Grails is sweet because you do things that are relatively complex, like upload a photo, resize it, save it, and persist the metadata using this code in a controller class, and nothing more:
        def photo = new Photo(params)
Member m = authenticatedMember()
def myFile = request.getFile( "file" )
def imageTool = new ImageTool()
photo.path = "";
photo.member = m

if(myFile &&
String imagepath = grailsApplication.config.imagePath +
File.separatorChar + "${}.jpg"
myFile.transferTo(new File(imagepath))


String fixedImagePath = grailsApplication.config.imagePath + File.separatorChar + "${}-fixed.jpg"
imageTool.writeResult(fixedImagePath, "JPEG")
photo.path = fixedImagePath
Oh by the way, when you define a domain class with a byte array to store a file, then generate the edit/create view, it automatically does all the multipart form submission stuff in the .gsp file. It NEVER gets this easy with Java/JSP. Hmm. Awesome. This is made possible by the innate goodness of grails and a plugin called ImageTools. It makes me dread going back to work and using Java sometimes. Sigh. It's amazing how much you can get done in a short time with this framework, and the more I have a-ha moments with it, the more I think I won't be going back to just Java when I make the switch full time, especially in the knowledge that whether it's Groovy/Grails or JRuby/Rails, I can still fall back on familiar Java libraries. Yessir, this is a good time to be a nerd...
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