Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Been A While

Well, it's been a few days since I've written, so here goes:

It's SPRING! One of the best things about working in this old dump of a subleased office is the fact that back in the 40s and 50s, the people who built these things used windows that open. So today, as I sit here, my yearly allergies kicking in, I eagerly await Opening Day, the removal of all warm-weather clothing from my closet, and the ability to go for nice runs in the mornings, and long walks in the evenings with Jena. Other things of note that are good about Spring: grilling, drinking beer outside, longer days, and wearing flip-flops.

Not much to note. I had a pretty great weekend, including walks through Georgetown and Eastern Market/Capitol Hill. I got some nerding in, furthering my beliefs that Grails is just too easy. I feel like I am stealing something when it takes me 45 minutes to write a slick messaging tool using a nice jQuery thickbox and a slick ajax post. It's good. In a couple weeks we are heading to our nephew's birthday party. That will be very exciting for us, as we wish we could see them a lot more often.

I finished the second Baldacci book that I was reading, Divine Justice, which was good as usual, and have moved on to Next, by Michael Crichton. I always enjoy his stuff - even if it is a little odd and overblown sometimes, the pages really turn.

In a great piece of news, bad baseball player and all around jerk Gary Sheffield was waived by the Detroit Tigers today. He can take his lack of production, bad baserunning, terrible attitude, and gimpy shoulders elsewhere. Ahh, hopefully now that the Tigers aren't saddled with expectations, they can pull some 2006 magic out of their hats and give me something good to watch.
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