Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Five Guys Got being Awesome

About once a month when I was young (late 80s into the 90s), my dad and I went to this ratty little burger shop to get the most delicious burgers and out of this world fries at a place called 'Five Guys'.  The people were always friendly, and the order was always perfect.  It was no frills but they promised delicious burgers and fries, and it's what they delivered, without exception.

Fast forward to today, and Five Guys is EVERYWHERE.  It's growing in leaps and bounds - they even have them here in Colorado, with 400 to come in California!  Read the story in Inc. Magazine about how they got here.  You can really learn a lot from the way this business is run.

In an age when we understand that eating burgers and fries is not good for you, if you are going to do it, don't do it at McDonald's.  Go get something worth splurging on.
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