Thursday, July 2, 2009

Facebook Connect Users Beware!!!

We just ran across a bug that must have been introduced very recently, where all users with new Facebook accounts were unable to access our application when 'connect'-ing their user name to Facebook. It was a weird issue, because I was able to connect my account with no issue. I finally noticed that the Facebook profile ID we were storing was the same across all users who were running up against this issue.

Truncation issue!

We had defined it as a 12-length INT, which really doesn't matter - the biggest value an INT can store in MySQL is 2147483647. Anyhow, updating the table to store the value as a BIGINT fixed the problem, but I can't image we're the only ones to run across this mess, and the FB Connect documentation is weak enough that I have never seen anything about suggested storage. This must have happened in just the last few days, so hopefully others will come across this and make the change proactively if needed.
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