Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Just got back from a week in Aruba. Man, what an awesome place. The weather is virtually always perfect, the people are extremely friendly, and the food is delicious. Jena and I were lucky enough to tag along with her parents, her sister and bro-law, their son William (who calls Aruba 'Ruba', hence the title of the post), and her aunt. We had a great time. I spent most of it doing a combination of

1) sitting around doing nothing next to a pool
2) chasing our crazy nephew around the pool
3) floating in circles in the pool
4) drinking a tasty frozen drink in or near the pool
5) reading books next to a pool

I also played the Wii for the first time. Holy crap is that thing awesome. I hate video game systems like XBox and PS - I think that they are the scourge of an entire generation - but the Wii, just for its bare simplicity, amazing gameplay, and interactive nature has really nailed it. Amazing. I am not very good at the Wii games, but it's a good way to knock out 15 minutes. I think even Jena has agreed that we will get one sometime.

We got to play with our awesome nephew William, and even got to babysit one night. Note to babysitters everywhere, kids sleep much better when they are splashing about in pools for 8 hours before you get them. The diaper changing wasn't the best part of the night, but it was really something to read to him and put him down. He is a real joy to be around, and so smart. Last time we saw him, around Thanksgiving, he was babbling in near English, and now he is talking and repeating everything and learning how to say everything. Just amazing what a sponge he is!

As you can see, we had a really crappy view from our balcony =)

We had a couple of pretty ridiculous meals. One at El Gaucho, an Argentine steakhouse where they try to kill you by serving you insane quantities of meat. We were able to share three entrees to feed four people to the point of absurdity. It was delicious. Friday the whole gang went to Madam Jinette's where everything is awesome. I had a plate-sized serving of Wiener Schnitzel. So very good.

I also read some books. I finished off the book on hyperpartisan politics that I started shortly before my trip (more on that in a future post), read a silly Vince Flynn novel, and finally read Jurassic Park (book way better than movie). I am back on The Stuff of Thought, about humans interaction with language. So fascinating, though a bit heavy. I am also still reading the WW2 book about the Allied campaign in Italy. This has been a delight to read, and were it a bit slimmer, I would have brought it to Aruba, but sized as it is, it's a nightstand-only affair.
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