Friday, January 23, 2009

Interesting Entrepreneurial Readings

Read a couple of interesting posts over the last couple of days.

Keith Casey on 'Clarifying that Idea' - so true. If you can't explain it to yourself on a piece of paper, then how in the HELL are you going to sell it, or get someone else to invest in it. I think that this sort of activity forces you to

A) be real about your idea - will it work, now that you have restated it in a more concrete fashion? B) think about what you are saying, thus spawning more creativity - ou can't just have an idea and then dive in, because then what you are implementing is as half-baked as the idea itself - Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Jessica Mah on why entrepreneurs fail - they fail because:

1) They have lots of ideas, but no implementation
2) They have lots of ideas, but half-assed implementations
3) They have lots of ideas, lots of implementations, but no focus

Personally, I would say that 1-3 are all ahead of the game. How many 'entrepreneurs' are sitting around at home thinking up ways to get rich, to stop working for 'the man', and don't think of anything at all. I guess they are #0, and we all know whey they fail =).
When I actually have ideas, I certainly see myself falling under #2/#3, my problem is that I get bored easily, and want to create things, so I have four projects at home of stuff I thought would be good - this is why you need a well rounded team. Someone has to NOT CARE about technology, and just want to build products and make money. Without that guy, all you are doing is building cool stuff that never sees the light of day.
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