Friday, June 13, 2008

Good And Bad

Well, in the midst of doing an emergency php deployment, Jena and I found out that her parents got us a timeshare in Sardinia for our honeymoon. Makes the dire php ecommerce issues seem slightly less painful. Can't wait to get to Italy. Can't wait!

I leave you with these nuggets of wisdom:

Php deployments on a live ecommerce site from a Barnes and Noble Cafe in Bethesda - no matter what anyone tells you, it's not awesome.

Things I find to be awesome:
  • Juno Soundtrack (good movie too)
  • Old Alice Cooper music
  • Sardinia timeshares
  • Tigers sweeping the evil White Sox (about time Cabrera!)

Things that aren't great:
  • $4 for 2 hrs of wireless access
  • Cafes with one available wall outlet where the sun is shining thus making it 200 degrees while doing crazy php debugging
  • php debugging
  • The nagging feeling that after sweeping the evil White Sox, the Tigers will find a way to lose most of their next 20 games
This weekend is pre-cana for Jena and I. Hopefully we will pass. Peaceout!


Johnnie Francis Xavier MacIntyre said...

Good luck with the pre-cana. I am sure you folks will pass.

I actually found a few Canadians who are die-hard Tigers fans as well. Kind of weird... but I guess there is something to that team.

P.S. Your book has now been packed!