Monday, October 8, 2007


Finally made it into the world of blogs. I was told I had to have one by a respected colleague, so here it is. I will try to not be what I don't like when I read, which is judgmental, snobby, ranty, snarky, etc. I will just try to point out my observations and write about what's going on in my life. Maybe this way I can keep in touch with people a bit better, since that's definitely a weakness of mine. I have a little bit to talk about between my work life and my personal life.

To introduce, I am from Arlington, VA. I am a proud graduate of the Business School at James Madison University, where I majored in Computer Information Systems and Economics. I am getting married to a wonderful woman by the name of Jena. We are tying the knot next September 6th, here in Washington DC. I work as a Software Performance Engineer at Blackboard, Inc, in Washington, DC. I live with Jena in a townhouse over near Eastern Market. It's a great neighborhood with lots to do, tons of restaurants and bars, and one sad Safeway to shop for our groceries. When we aren't planning our wedding, we love to travel, exercise, and watch sports live and on TV, and when I get time, I like to sit down and do some reading. So, hopefully I will keep this updated and it won't be one of those blogs that just dies a slow (or fast) death due to lack of interest on the poster and the readers' part!